Friday, May 7, 2010

"3.3 billion ways to change the world"

You may have heard about the G20 Summit that is going to take place in Toronto this summer. While G20 Summits are always ripe for protest and various types of activist efforts, this event has a really unique gathering prefacing the dialogue between world leaders. It's called the G(IRLS)20 Summit. The tagline proclaims "3.3 Billion Ways to Change the World", representative of the 3.3 Billion women in the world. It's a really neat idea in my opinion. This initiative is going to bring together 20 girls, 1 from each G20 nation for 3 days of intense dialogs and youth-driven planning sessions focusing on how to empower girls and women, economically, politically and socially. Unfortunately, those of us in the twilight of our college years are a bit too old! They're soliciting applications from girls ages 18-20 because these are the "transition years" between girl and woman. If you know a girl in that age range with strong convictions about the future of the world and uniting women and girls to advocate for equality tell her to apply ASAP, the deadline is midnight tonight. Even if you're not eligible, check out the organization and their website, it's a pretty neat activism-based idea =)

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