Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gillborn Article - Review part I

Education policy as an act of white supremacy: whiteness, critical race theory and education reform
By David Gillborn

Gillborn outlines a strong narrative about institutionalized divisions of race in society. This article applies US based Critical Race Theory to policy and practice in the UK. This article has taken me awhile to break down and synthesize. I am beginning to recognize that I have much work to do around my racial identity before I can really integrate theory and practice of these dynamics into my work. Gillborn uses the phrase 'white supremacy' to reference institutionalized systems of racial oppression rather than extremist behavior. The intentionality of racism is intrigal in his analysis; "although race inequity may not be a planned and deliberate goal of education policy neither is it accidental".

As with Kozol's discussion of equity, the dominate narrative factors in. Gillborn addresses early on the implications of the assumptions and romanticism surround policy and where it comes from.

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