Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The reality of budget cuts

As many of you know I've been working with a group of students from around Boston to advocate for full funding to programs like AmeriCorps, CityYear, and TFA that are in danger of major cuts. These programs are so important now more than ever, they provide opportunity for young people to serve their communities and have a profound impact on underserved children across the country. I came across this article today and was reminded how vital it is that we ensure state level funding for education and mentoring programs as well

Here's an excerpt;

"The cuts in education will disproportionately hurt those Pennsylvanians who can least afford it. Basic education cuts mean the lower and middle classes would either bear the brunt of local property tax increases or suffer a lower quality education due to underfunded public schools.

The reductions in higher education would make a college education much less affordable to all and would put it completely out of reach for many. Those with substantial wealth will be least affected because they can afford to send their children to private schools.

America has always stood for opportunity. That opportunity has been based on broad access to a good-quality education as a means for individuals to work hard and to improve their circumstances. Corbett’s budget is a direct attack on this fundamental American principle. His approach moves the United States toward a society with fixed economic classes and threatens to destroy the American way of life".

Read more:

interesting how strong the 'American Dream' ideology is...

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